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Fitzgerald Law Office periodically publishes informative newsletters. Click on the links below to view previous issues.

Newsletters Featured Articles



Absolutely Depressing Thoughts About Aging

Adventures In Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection

Convenience Gone Awry

Digital Estate Planning

Discussing Your Estate Planning With Others

Planning Modules

Should I PrePlan My Funeral

What Does 2017 Tax Reform Mean

What Is In a Name

Five Things to Know About a Revocable Trust

Five Things to Know About a Will

Five Things to Know About Life Insurance

Five Things to Know About Planning for Nursing Home Care

Five Things to Know About Decisions at the Bank

Best Laid Plans

Five Things To Know About Where You Receive Long-Term Care and
How It Affects Government Benefits

Five Things to Know about being the Agent Under a Financial Power of Attorney

Social Security and The Financial Power of a Attorney


5 Reasons Why Medicaid Law Is Frustrating

Five Myths And Half Truths About Medicaid Planning

Five Things To Consider Before Moving To Assisted Living

Funding Your Revocable Trust

Things To Know About Planning For Your IRA



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